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Mens Underwear

Guide to COOLMAX® fabric Mens Underwear

Size: Small
Waist: 30"-32"

Size: Medium
Waist: 34"-36"

Size: Large
Waist: 38"-40"

Size: XL
Waist: 42"-44"

Size: 2X
Waist: 46"-48"

When you invest in COOLMAX® fabric Men’s Underwear, you know you’re getting high-quality performance gear. The fabric goes through rigorous testing to ensure premium comfort and to optimize your performance; regardless of the sport or activity you’re involved in. COOLMAX® fabric gear from SWEAT IT OUT® will give you the upper hand you need to stay focused and energized while pushing yourself to the edge in any workout or physical activity. The fabric is proven to keep you hydrated and cool, even on the most humid days of the year. To lead an active lifestyle, it is imperative we maintain comfort and manage the sweat and moisture our bodies perspire. Too often we have to take a break from our routine and manage the sweat to re-energize ourselves. Clinically tested and proven to release moisture away from the skin, you can be sure your COOLMAX® fabric gear from SWEAT IT OUT® will allow maximum breathability on the body. COOLMAX® fabric men’s underwear will give you an edge in your performance and the energy you need to finish on top. We have a variety of sizes, so take advantage to gain an advantage!