The Performance Apparel with the CoolMax® & Lycra® Advantage

Real World Test Results

Health South Doctors
(Summer/Fall 1998)

CoolMax® and LYCRA® POWER™
are a "No Sweat" Team

Scientific research has proven it. Athletic wear, (T-shirts, performance shorts/pants and bras, jerseys, etc.) made with CoolMax® and LYCRA® are designed to pull heat generated moisture away from the body, instead of absorbing it. Made with high stretch and high compression fabric, the athletic performance fabric reduces muscle vibration, which is the major cause of fatigue. It prevents skin irritation and chafing; is odor and mildew resistant. It also provides superior comfort and fit and is machine washable.

LYCRAŽ is a DuPont registered trademark for its brand of elastane fiber.
LYCRA® POWER™ is a DuPont trademark licensed for use on apparel that
meets DuPont approved performance standards.
CoolMax® is a DuPont registered trademark for fabrics meeting its quality standards.