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Compression Shorts & Tights - Why Wear Compression Shorts...

Compression Shorts & Tights - Why Wear Compression Shorts...

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Everyone asks the question: Why Wear Compression Shorts?

The Answer:
Wear True Compression Shorts or Tights to help reduce muscle vibration and thus reduce fatigue. True Compression Shorts / Tights promote quick recovery for muscle groups after strenuous exertion. The unique fabric combination of 70% COOLMAX® fabric and 30% LYCRA® fiber utilized in these garments provides these key benefits:

* Reduced muscle vibration and fatigue - enabling higher performance levels for longer periods as compared to unstabilized muscles

* Why Wear Compression Shorts? Improved Proprioception (joint position sense) created by sensory feedback from the skin

* Improved "Mechanical Spring" effect - the recovery force of elongated fabric increases maximum weight lifted

* Why Wear Compression Shorts? Improved cardiovascular efficiency - through increased blood flow to heart and reduction of lactic acid in muscle tissue

* Aid to recovery of damaged muscles by reducing swelling and increasing oxygen flow to area of injury

* Powerfully flexible "second skin" compression - stretches/recovers in all directions by 210%

* Why Wear Compression Shorts for Running? Better breathability and evaporation - reducing energy needs for body cooling

* Unmatched moisture management

* All-seasons comfort - wear alone or under uniform, athletic gear * Easy Garment Care: machine wash cold, tumble dry warm, do not iron

* SWEAT IT OUT® offers the best compression shorts to wear under your uniforms like baseball and football pants, to help keep you healthy

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