The Performance Apparel with the CoolMax® & Lycra® Advantage

Real World Test Results

1824 Catalog

Of all the items we tested last winter, our number one favorite was the
SWEAT IT OUT® CoolMax® full length tights….They act as a wind block and wick away moisture from your skin keeping you warmer and dryer. Super soft and machine washable.

1824 Catalog - Testimonial

I wore CoolMax® Compression Apparel when I rode the 3-Day, 150 mile Death Valley Endurance Competition. I have never experienced a more comfortable, well fitting piece of Equestrian underwear. It improved my shape, gave me tremendous vascular support for an improved physical performance, and at the same time, afforded me total freedom of movement. It kept me warm, and most importantly, dry. What a difference it made. I would enthusiastically recommend it!

- Ruth Waltenspiel, Timber Crest Farms


LYCRAŽ is a DuPont registered trademark for its brand of elastane fiber.
LYCRA POWERŽ is a DuPont trademark licensed for use on apparel that
meets DuPont approved performance standards.
CoolMax® is a DuPont registered trademark for fabrics meeting its quality standards.