The Performance Apparel with the CoolMax® & Lycra® Advantage

Real World Test Results

Cooking Light
(October 1995)

If you’re a medium-breasted woman for whom staying cool and dry is a problem, consider the SWEAT IT OUT® Criss Cross Sports Bra. Made of 70% CoolMax® and 30% LYCRA®, this mesh-cup bra is designed for breathability and is perfect under T-shirts. The 2-inch rib band and crisscross front give plenty of support for cycling, power walking, or stairstepping. Also available in a wide range of sizes for small and full-busted women.


LYCRAŽ is a DuPont registered trademark for its brand of elastane fiber.
LYCRA® POWER™ is a DuPont trademark licensed for use on apparel that
meets DuPont approved performance standards.
CoolMax® is a DuPont registered trademark for fabrics meeting its quality standards.