The Performance Apparel with the CoolMax® & Lycra® Advantage

Real World Test Results

Fitness Plus Magazine
(January 1997)

SWEAT IT OUT®’s Crisscross sports bra ranks as the most lightweight of all the support sports tops. Desert walkers and hikers will absolutely love its cool-and-dry-staying power. "It’s so light, it’s amazing." Built with CoolMax® (70%) and LYCRA® (30%), the Crisscross is strikingly simple. An X-patterned front combines shrink and odor resistant mesh –cup panels and a two-inch rib band, giving medium breasted women excellent support for cycling, walking, gym workouts and hiking. But our 34 A tester, who wore it for running said, "Small breasted runners will love the excellent ‘no rub’ under a T-shirt support"

Fitness Plus Magazine
(October 1998)

Recently, a new "power" fabric was introduced to the market–Lycra® Power™ garments developed by DuPont. We decided to check them out because we hadn't seen anything written about them in the mainstream press or even heard about them among readers or our own athletic friends. What Fitness Plus discovered is that this is truly a revolutionary fabric that will have as much effect on sports training as say good socks. Sure, you can live without a good pair of wicking socks. But good socks protect and cushion your feet, making it possible to run farther more comfortably. They're definitely a worthwhile investment.
Shorts made from this fabric also enhance the athlete's accuracy and efficiency of movement, helping them go farther and faster on the same amount of energy.
Specs. In order for DuPont to certify these garments, they have to follow certain standards. The raw fabric must meet a specific Lycra® content, stretch, recovery and elongation construction. Lontex Corporation with the SWEAT IT OUT® product line is currently the only manufacturer certified for the Lycra® Power™ program. Their garments are 70 percent CoolMax® and 30 percent Lycra®.
Field Test. At first glance, these power shorts are very thin and see-through. That's because they're meant to be an undergarment and, as such, fit snugly. They certainly make no bones about revealing undesirable contours. As a runner, I wore the Lycra® Power™ shorts under a regular pair of running shorts. Because they're ordered to custom fit waist, weight and height, the shorts stretched to fit comfortably. I questioned why they were so long, concerned about our desert heat, and was told by a spokesman for Lontex that the certification of Lycra® Power™ requires they fit one inch above the knee cap, for maximum muscle control.
Amazingly, the fabric was cool and non-irritating even in the heat of the day. I must admit, the support around my upper leg felt good running on tough trails and also seemed to reduce muscle fatigue on a much longer road run. For those of us who are accustomed to wearing as little as possible when we run in the heat, this does take some initial adjustment. Other testers also noted the surprisingly cool effects of the shorts, as well as their usefulness in racing situations. One tester looked forward to winter, commenting that they should be particularly useful worn under Lycra®/cotton combo tights. This same tester drew stares in a local park when she made the mistake of wearing them without over shorts. A male skater was spotted wearing a pair without over-shorts and turned dozens of heads on a local skating trail. The tester who witnessed that spectacle smiled to herself knowing exactly what brand he was wearing–Lontex no doubt.
The Bottom Line. Athletes who participate in foot-striking-ground sports will benefit the most from these garments. Older people who need the additional support because of varicose veins will find comfort in them, as will athletes recovering from certain injuries, or during rehabilitation. Whether you run, walk, circuit train, play tennis, or do exercise aerobics, you will find these garments move with you and will increase your efficiency of movement. Hopefully, cyclists will soon see this new fabric applied to their sport-specific shorts as well.



LYCRAŽ is a DuPont registered trademark for its brand of elastane fiber.
LYCRA® POWER™ is a DuPont trademark licensed for use on apparel that
meets DuPont approved performance standards.
CoolMax® is a DuPont registered trademark for fabrics meeting its quality standards.