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Guide to COOLMAX® fiber Women's Underwear

Size: Small
Waist: 24"-26"

Size: Medium
Waist: 28"-30"

Size: Large
Waist: 32"-34"

Size: XL
Waist: 36"-38"

Size: 2XL
Waist: 40"-42"

Let’s face it. When we’re at the gym or out for a run, our clothes absorb moisture and can be extremely uncomfortable after only a couple of minutes. With the COOLMAX® fiber gear from SWEAT IT OUT®, you will no longer feel that same discomfort. The COOLMAX® fiber gear has gone through numerous tests and studies where it has been clinically proven that COOLMAX® fiber helps to release moisture away from the body, which results in optimal comfort levels for an entire workout. When investing in COOLMAX® fiber women’s underwear, you’re getting the highest quality performance gear there is. The underwear will provide you with that extra energy you need to set yourself apart from others or reach your goal. It keeps you dry and hydrated so you can stay active without your heart rate increasing. While you see others in clear discomfort after an hour at the gym, you’ll be standing strong and feel cool and energized beyond three hours. The technology used in COOLMAX® fiber gear allows your body to breathe and manages the perspiration to move away from your body. No matter if you’re golfing, running, biking, hiking, or dancing, you’ll notice the difference in your level of performance compared to your peers. At SWEAT IT OUT®, we want you to maintain an active lifestyle and COOLMAX® fiber is our way of ensuring you’re sustaining an optimum comfort level.