Fall Running Season is Here! Protect Yourself With SWEAT IT OUT® COOL COMPRESSION® Gear





Many consider Fall to be the best time of year for running, particularly in regions that experience four distinct seasons. Heavy summer humidity leaves the air, replaced by a refreshing crispness that motivates you to go that extra mile — or many extra miles. The multi-colored leaves on the trees make a beautiful backdrop for routine training runs, major marathons and community 5Ks alike.

As the weather gets colder, the importance of proper running gear increases, and SWEAT IT OUT® COOL COMPRESSION® running tights and arm sleeves for running offer an ideal solution for runners looking to improve their performance, avoid injuries and stay comfortable during the autumn season.

No runner wants to be sidelined by pulled hamstrings or calf muscles, or have to suffer through their big race with knee pain and tight, sore hips. But the cold fall temperatures can make it difficult to fully stretch out and warm up the body, leaving even the most well-trained runners susceptible to unexpected tweaks and strains. Continue reading

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Train Like an Elite Pro Football Player with Our Compression Shorts and Tights

image1Football is an intense and physically demanding sport. That’s what makes it so exciting and such a must-see event for fans who pack professional stadiums and crowd onto couches all across the U.S. throughout the fall and winter seasons.

Elite athletes who make a living playing football need to find a way to stay out of the training room and on the field. They need to find a way to protect their bodies from the rigors of arguably the most demanding sport on the planet. Even relatively simple injuries can mean the derailment of a career.

That’s why the majority of NFL teams come to us for the best compression shorts for hamstring support and high-quality compression tights for thigh, groin, hip, and knee support.  Continue reading

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Protect Your Muscles with Compression Clothing That’s the Real Deal

A lot of runners wear compression clothing. However, many of them also make the error of getting their compression gear from just anywhere, without checking whether or not the item they’re buying is really authentic. Unfortunately, it is common to see athletes and runners put on so-called “compression wear” that is built to flash their logo rather than provide real value and performance. Continue reading

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The Benefits SWEAT IT OUT® COOL COMPRESSION® Can Provide You This Summer

Now that we can really enjoy going outside into the nice weather, the number of athletic activities available to us are limitless. Whether you need to buy wicking t-shirts or buy wicking socks, SWEAT IT OUT® COOL COMPRESSION® has all the gear you’ll need this season.

Continue reading

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Compression Wear and Summer Running: What You Should Know

As good as your compression gear might feel as you work out at the gym, train, or swim, you might be hesitant to wear compression clothing during your summer runs. This is understandable — after all, when you’re already running in the hot summer sun, the idea of trying to do it in tight-fitting clothes may seem like too much. Continue reading

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Get Motivated to Get in Shape This Summer!

The summertime has finally arrived! That means it’s high time to get in incredible shape for the amazing weather ahead. Check out these four benefits of working out during the summer heat, courtesy of SWEAT IT OUT® COOL COMPRESSION®. Continue reading

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Why You Should Get the Improved Posture Compression Shirt

Do you suffer from back pain due to slouching or sitting at a desk at work all day long?

You may suffer from poor posture; and if so, you’re far from alone. Many working people are stuck behind their desk all day at their jobs, and are frequently forced to slouch forward toward their computer screens. Continue reading

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3 Tips for Fighting Workout Fatigue

Whether you prefer working out at night or in the early morning, you might find yourself feeling exhausted and worn out afterward, making it harder to motivate yourself and stay active. Continue reading

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What Every Athlete Needs to Know About Hypothermia

If you’re a serious athlete, you probably can’t take the entire winter season off training due to weather. While there are a few benefits to exercising in the winter, you need to stay alert and aware of symptoms of hypothermia, which can set in with little notice. Hypothermia is a condition in which the body loses heat faster than it can produce heat, which may lead to permanent damage if left unaddressed. Some of the most common symptoms of hypothermia include: Continue reading

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3 Benefits of Working Out in Cold Weather

Last month, we at SWEAT IT OUT® COOL COMPRESSION® talked about some of the advantages and benefits of wearing your compression clothing when out in the winter cold. Not only does our high-quality compression wear from SWEAT IT OUT® COOL COMPRESSION® offer superior warmth, but it also provides excellent muscle protection and flexibility during your routines. Continue reading

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