Fall is the Perfect Time to Embrace Outdoor Sports with SWEAT IT OUT®

If you’ve been thinking about getting back into shape or finally taking your doctor’s orders to lose weight seriously, fall is one of the best seasons to finally take your workouts outdoors and enjoying everything that the fall season has to offer.

As the temperatures start to get cooler and more bearable, more and more people like to take their running routine from the treadmills at Planet Fitness to the trails, and go from indoor bocce ball courts to outdoor basketball courts and tennis matches. If you’re interested in getting more fit, fall is the best season to start on your journey. No matter what your sport, you’ll enjoy a fuller and fun life with fitness!

No matter which fall sport you choose or if you go to the gym at Planet Fitness, it’s crucial to make sure that you have the right athletic wear to prevent injuries and worn-out muscles, keeping you active longer. At SWEAT IT OUT®, our compression fabric, unavailable with any other brand on the market, acts as a “second skin,” increasing cardiovascular activity and helping you to stretch your muscles safely and keep your body well oxidized and hydrated.

You’ll also see reduced swelling and increased oxygen flow to your muscles, which can also help to heal any injuries faster than standard running shorts or other brand’s standard compression shorts for running.

SWEAT IT OUT® offers the best compression athletic wear to keep you safe and focused while you’re outside enjoying the best sports of the season or inside working out at Planet Fitness. No matter if you’re looking to buy wicking sports bras to keep you dry and cool while you’re working out or arm sleeves online to reduce the probability of injury, we have the one-of-the-kind compression products that you need this fall.

Learn more about our compression garments by browsing our website or giving our team a call at 800-343-8960. Whether you are interested in our line of compression shorts for tennis, running, working out at Planet Fitness or any other sport, experience the difference with SWEAT IT OUT®.

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How Our Compression Wear Helps Combat the Winter Cold

If you’ve ever tried to complete your normal run or training schedule in the dead of winter, you’ve probably already noticed that lower temperatures usually equal a decrease in athletic performance. This is because when you wear standard athletic wear during a winter workout, your muscles lose a large amount of heat that’s needed to keep them flexible.

Most athletes note that when they’re training during the winter, they’re less flexible and their nerves are more easily pinched. This is also due to the effects of the drastic decrease in temperature, and can easily put athletes at risk of a muscle strain or tear if they don’t take preventative steps to conquer the cold.

Along with increased stretching, SWEAT IT OUT®’s unique house-designed compression fabric can help decrease the likelihood that you’ll injure yourself during your winter training. SWEAT IT OUT®’s compression line, which includes everything from tights to arm sleeves for running, uses a special blend of COOLMAX® and LYCRA® fibers in order to increase blood flow to the muscles, allowing you to train for longer periods of time at your peak levels.

SWEAT IT OUT®’s compression fabric, unavailable with any other brand on the market, acts as a “second skin,” increasing cardiovascular activity, which is crucial in maintaining muscle flexibility and avoiding injury. You’ll also see reduced swelling and increased oxygen flow to your muscles, which can also help to heal any injuries faster than standard running shorts alone.

Don’t let the colder temperatures slow down your training regimen! Protect your muscles and keep your eyes on your fitness goals with SWEAT IT OUT®’s one-of-a-kind compression apparel. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of compression wear or you’re ready to buy compression tights online, we encourage you to visit us online today!

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SWEAT IT OUT® Provides You with the Highest Quality Sports Apparel

If you’re serious about your workout and improving your performance, you know that you want to have the most high-tech workout apparel available. SWEAT IT OUT®’s unique sports fabric combines a unique blend of comfort and science to bring you the advantage you need when training.

SWEAT IT OUT®’s compression shorts and arm sleeves for running have been specially-designed in-house by our expert team to provide advantages that you won’t see with any other brand. It might come as a surprise to you, but what you wear when you workout and compete actually has an effect on your performance. SWEAT IT OUT®’s LYCRA® fiber garments have been shown in preliminary testing to improve performance by as much as 10 to 20%.

A five-year investigation at the Penn State Center for Sports Medicine found results supporting the claim that SWEAT IT OUT®’s LYCRA® garments are able to fight fatigue and help athletes work harder and longer at their peak level of performance. Other well-known brands aren’t able to use this special fiber, instead opting for mass-producible materials that won’t give you the full advantage you need. These are benefits that you’ll only find from the superior apparel made by SWEAT IT OUT®.

Imagine what you could accomplish if you could eliminate your muscle fatigue — imagine how much faster you could run, and how much more comfortable you would be. While it’s impossible to completely eliminate all instances of muscle fatigue, SWEAT IT OUT® gets as close as possible with our unique fabric and garments, which provides high compression to your muscles. One of the main causes of muscle fatigue is excessive muscle vibration; with SWEAT IT OUT®’s LYCRA® garments, your muscles will remain highly compressed for the duration of your workout, thus lowering your fatigue levels and allowing you to work harder and longer.

If you’re ready to push yourself to the next level and buy compression tights online, check out SWEAT IT OUT®’s line of products, which will give you the advantages of cutting edge technology that no other brand can replicate.


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How Compression Gear can Help Improve Your Workout

Did you know that what you wear can be affecting your workouts? Once only a secret of professional athletes, more and more people are now taking advantage of compression gear to get the most out of their workouts.


These compression tops, tights, shorts, and other clothing pieces help everyday fitness enthusiasts get the benefits that the pros use when they’re training. Not sure what benefits compression gear can bring to your workout? Compression clothing can benefit your game by …


  • Improving circulation. Compression garments provide a tighter fit than standard fitness clothes, which stimulates blood flow to these areas of your body. Increased blood flow has been linked to increased oxygen delivery, so your muscles will become less worn out after long periods of exercise by preventing the buildup of lactic acid. This will allow you to train for longer periods of time without muscle soreness and fatigue.


  • Helping improve older fitness enthusiasts exercise period. Compression wear has long been prescribed by doctors for older adults losing their mobility. A number of studies have shown that compression wear can help the elderly get back on their feet by improving range of motion and helping with low blood pressure. Now, the benefits of these garments are available publically, so if you’re an older American suffering from joint pain or poor circulation and you want to walk or run longer and farther, you can buy compression tights online to improve your workout and alleviate pain.


  • Decreasing muscle soreness. Like the improvement in endurance seen thanks to increased circulation, improved blood flow to certain groups of muscles can help to prevent soreness the next day. This is another result of decreased lactic acid buildup, which is responsible for tightness and soreness seen in most next-day muscle aching. Compression gear can help you to relieve soreness so you can work out longer and more often!




  • Knees are the largest and most complex joint in the body.  Chronic knee pain keeps us from doing the things we love to do every day!  SWEAT IT OUT® thigh Groin Hip support Capri with Knee Stabilizer will help you overcome the nagging knee pain.  It will protect the muscles surrounding the knees to help with pain, control swelling, stiffness weaknesses and buckling.  Wearing this product will improve your range of motion. You may purchase online at https://www.sweatitout.com/products/thigh-groin-hip-knee.html


If you wish to learn more about how compression gear can be beneficial during your workout, contact our trusted team at SWEAT IT OUT® to learn more today!

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Why You Can’t Afford to Miss Out on the SWEAT IT OUT® Advantage

If you play sports, love to keep fit by running or hiking or are recovering from an injury, having the right compression sportswear can mean the difference between a safe run or gym session and one that can lead you to muscle damage.

Many athletes, especially runners, find themselves the victim of muscle sprains and strains, as well as stress fractures. In the past, an injury could take a runner out of their routine for weeks and sometimes months; now, there’s SWEAT IT OUT® Performance Compression to keep you on your feet.

If you’re looking to buy running gear online, know that all shorts and tops are not created equal. Our unique performance compression material was designed with athletes like you in mind. Our fabric blend contains a high percentage of Lycra, which offers you the benefit of a state-of-the-art blend of muscle support and flexibility. Our fabric will offer you support where you need it, while also allowing you to run, jump and move however you need to with no itching, chafing or irritation. Our fabrics support muscle maintenance by providing gentle, even compression, making it safer and more comfortable for athletes with lymphedema, hyperhidrosis or who are recovering from an injury or strain.

Even if you do not have special medical needs, a pair of compression shorts or a no-bounce sports bra can increase your athletic performance. Our COOLMAX® fabric was designed to wick sweat away from your body, keeping it at a cool and confident 98.6 degrees. This temperature control, along with the improved accuracy of movement, gives you more control over your body when you’re running or working out, meaning that you can work at peak performance for longer periods of time without getting fatigued.

If you’re looking to upgrade your workout wardrobe, either for medical or performance reasons, choose the best; go with SWEAT IT OUT® Performance Compression and take advantage of the latest technology in sports.


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4 Advantages COOLMAXⓇ fiber from SWEAT IT OUT® Can Provide You This Summer

Now that we can actually enjoy being outside with the nice weather, the amount of athletic activities we can perform are endless. Whether you need to buy compression tights or compression tops, we have all of the gear you need this summer.

One thing that can set you apart from your competition is the COOLMAXⓇ fiber from SWEAT IT OUT®, which helps prevent injuries while increasing productivity during a workout. This material pulls moisture away from your skin to help give you the best results.

The COOLMAXⓇ fiber, which is used by professional sports teams, has many benefits to any athlete wearing it. They include:

Better Hydration Status – COOLMAXⓇ fiber is proven to help your body with thermoregulation. What this means is that when athletes wear our gear instead of what competitors are selling, their skin temperatures are lower.

This also means that the apparel improves your hydration status during any form of exercise. The COOLMAXⓇ fiber helps keep your body dry, since it doesn’t have to sweat as much to cool itself down.

Lower Heart Rate – Normally, when your work out, your heart rate goes up. That isn’t the case with the apparel that we sell, since it keeps your body dryer, cooler and better hydrated. Your body doesn’t have to work as hard on thermoregulation, which leads to a lower heart rate.

Lower Exertion Levels - Because your body won’t be working as hard when you wear COOLMAXⓇ fiber, you will have lower exertion levels. Again, since your body is helped out with thermoregulation, you will have more energy when your workout.

More Comfortable - It is also proven that our COOLMAXⓇ fiber is more comfortable than any other apparel before and after a workout. Because you are dryer, you won’t feel wet and gross when doing what you love.

The best way to support your muscles and to prevent injury is to wear our Performance Compression apparel every day from the morning until you go to bed. We have everything you need to enjoy the activities you love doing this summer, such as our baseball sleeves.

If you are interested in improving your workouts or want to improve your health overall, give us a call at 1800-343-8960, or visit https://www.sweatitout.com/.

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3 Reasons to Buy American Made Products from SWEAT IT OUT®


If you’re looking to buy compression activewear, don’t make the mistake of buying products that are manufactured overseas. Below, are three reasons to buy American made products from SWEAT IT OUT®:

1. Unlike other popular brands, such as Nike or Under Armor, who use independent contract manufacturers in other countries to produce their apparel, COOLMAX® fiber from SWEAT IT OUT® is designed and produced right here in the Unites States! For this reason, you’ll exclusively support an American company and its workers by purchasing any of our products.

A lot of people like to complain about the economy and how much money they have to spend for certain things; however, many of them won’t hesitate for a second to buy a product that had been manufactured in, for example, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan or Malaysia. To ensure our economy works to our advantage, more people need to show support for our country by purchasing products made right here on American soil.

2. Here at SWEAT IT OUT®, our staff emphasizes a superior level of quality, capability and performance throughout the design and production phases of each product. Unfortunately, this kind of approach towards manufacturing high-quality American products has seemingly vanished among most companies, over time.

This is not the case, however, with SWEAT IT OUT®; we’re passionate about making products that are built-to-last! Whether you’re interested in buying compression shorts for basketball, for instance, or a sleeveless compression shirt for baseball, you can have confidence in knowing that our activewear will help to improve your athletic performance, as well as prevent injuries.

3. When you purchase products that are manufactured outside the U.S., you’re indirectly supporting the horrible working conditions of a foreign country, including the exploitation of children, long hours and extremely low wages. All in all, choosing to buy only American made activewear from SWEAT IT OUT®, means you’ll be making a statement that you support democracy!

Keep in mind that each single manufacturing job creates an additional five to eight jobs. So before walking out of a sporting goods store with a product made somewhere halfway across the world, just think about how that will affect the economy, as well as the job market, right here in the U.S. Not only is the purchase of American made products from companies like SWEAT IT OUT® beneficial for the people of this country, but it will also be of greater quality!

Whether you’re looking for compression tops, for example, arm sleeves for running or a sleeveless compression shirt, look no further than SWEAT IT OUT®! To learn more, visit our website and check out our activewear, or call 1-800-343-8960 to speak with a professional today.

In 1985,shutterstock_106649108 the Lontex Corporation was founded by President Efraim Nathan, which took off as a highly sought-after manufacturer of girdles for women. These products were sold at popular retailers such as Macy’s, Wannamaker’s and Strawbridge’s. Nathan’s passion for manufacturing high-quality, comfortable clothing right here in the USA motivated him to design COOLMAX® fiber from SWEAT IT OUT®.

Now, athletes everywhere value the exceptional material used to make this line of activewear, which is designed to sustain the body’s energy and power. Although manufacturing activewear overseas is more cost-effective, COOLMAX® fiber from SWEAT IT OUT® is a perfect example of how high quality products can be mass-produced and sold, all on American soil.        


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Need motivation to get in shape this spring?


The sun is finally shining! This means it’s time to get in great shape for the warm weather ahead! Here are 5 advantages of exercising during the spring:

1. The higher the temperature, the warmer your muscles will already be before stretching or doing other types of warms ups; which means you’ll feel less stiff and more flexible while playing a sport or working out. Even if you’re exercising in a gym where there’s air conditioning, the temperature and humidity is still higher than during the winter. Thawing out after winter always makes exercise more appealing!

2. Now that your muscles are warm, it means you’ll also be sweating a lot. Whether you’re strictly using free weights in the gym or running through the park, a warmer body in a warmer environment equals more sweat. And there’s nothing better than getting a nice sweat going when you’re working out! Sweating profusely is an obvious sign you’re having a great workout. Check out all the compression running gear for women or men at SWEAT IT OUT® to ensure your muscles stay fresh during your workouts this spring!

3. Exercising in a gym environment is great because you have all the equipment you need in one place. However, exercising outside when the weather is warm beats the gym any day of the week. Whether you’re jogging, jumping rope, hiking, doing pushups/pullups, sprints, running stairs or using free weights, getting the heart rate going under the sun is the ultimate exercise experience! Soak up those rays; Vitamin D does wonders for mind and body.

4. Now, with summer in sight, most frequent gym-goers will begin to increase the intensity of their workouts in order to lean out. And it’s also when people who haven’t been consistent during the last year, make commitments to themselves enjoy the all advantages of an active lifestyle. The summer brings along with it all kinds of outdoor activities. Enjoy them to the fullest this year by boosting your self-confidence with exercise!

Commit to get fit this spring! Get ready for the warm weather by stocking up on compression running gear for men or women at at www.sweatitout.com today.

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3 Reasons You Need Compression Shorts from SWEAT IT OUT® this Spring


In just a few short weeks, spring sports will be getting underway, which means now is the time for athletes of all sports to ensure they’re properly prepared for the upcoming season. Below, are three reasons to buy compression shorts for basketball, rugby, softball, baseball, lacrosse, or any other sport or type of physical activity this spring:

1. Don’t let the change of seasons take away everything you’ve worked so hard for during the offseason! As the winter fades and the warm weather moves in, make sure your body is prepared for the change in temperature. Although the sun might be shining and you might break a sweat while practicing throughout the weeks ahead, the fluctuating temperatures can still cause you to strain or pull a muscle. Whether you’re running the 100 meter, for example, or sprinting down the first baseline, compression shorts will keep your muscles protected from potential pulls and strains. By supplementing all your training and practice with the right gear, you’ll keep your legs strong and stay on the field this spring!

2. Designed with COOLMAX® fiber from SWEAT IT OUT®, these shorts will keep you cooler than the competition! Throughout the latter months of spring, when the temperature begins to rise, your muscles won’t be affected nearly as much as they would usually be by the heat. Instead, this type of garment will help expel sweat away from your body, and in turn, improve muscle efficiency, speed up recovery, and give you more power and less fatigue. By keeping your leg muscles fresh, you’ll enhance your performance and make an even bigger impact while competing.

3. Of course, training programs and practice helps athletes reach their full potential, However, what allows them to continue playing at a competitive level season after season? The answer is a proper regimen designed around rest, recovery and preparation. This includes things like taking days off from training to rejuvenate your muscles, icing injuries and stretching before competitive play. One thing that athletes often overlook, though, is the quality of the garments they wear while playing. Out of all the performance enhancing methods and products available, compression shorts designed with COOLMAX® fiber from SWEAT IT OUT® give all kinds of athletes an injury prevention advantage. By supplementing your game with the right gear, you’ll perform better over a longer period of time.

Don’t wait any longer to buy compression shorts for running or any other type of physical activity from SWEAT IT OUT®. Enter the spring season with confidence! Learn about the 1900SL Thigh, Groin & Hip Support Shorts from SWEAT IT OUT® by visiting our website today.

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5 Winter Sports You Need Compression Shorts For


Are you playing a winter sport? Ready to up your game by taking better care of your legs both on and off the field? Hundreds of customers have already asked our experts, “Why wear compression shorts?” To answer any of the questions you might have, we’ve listed a number of winter sports in which an athlete’s performance can only be improved with compression shorts.

Hitting the slopes. Whether you enjoy snowboarding or skiing, the 1900 SL Thigh Groin & Hip Support shorts from SWEAT IT OUT® will keep your muscles fresh and unfatigued. While some athletes snowboard or ski recreationally, others have polished their skills enough to do it at a competitive level. Either way, compression shorts designed with COOLMAX® fiber from SWEAT IT OUT® will ensure you always perform at your best!

1. Indoor track. If you’re interested in improving your muscle stamina and enjoying a faster recovery time, you’ll find only the best compression shorts for running at SWEAT IT OUT®. There’s no doubt that runners rely on their legs to chase down their dreams. However, considering the amount of training required to excel competitively, many athletes push their leg muscles beyond their limits. That said, the 1900 SL Thigh Groin & Hip Support shorts from SWEAT IT OUT® will protect the most important part of a runner’s body: their legs.

 2. Spring training. In just a few weeks, baseball players everywhere will report to spring training, including those in high school and college. Even if an athlete and the rest of his or her team isn’t going to an area with warm weather for practice, they’ll still be training at least a few times a week to prepare for the upcoming season.

If you’re a baseball player, you already know how easy it is to pull a muscle considering the amount of downtime that comes along with this sport. Still, don’t let a preseason injury take away from all that hard work you put in during the offseason. Make sure you keep your leg muscles fresh and cool with cutting edge compression shorts designed with COOLMAX® fiber from SWEAT IT OUT®.

3. Basketball & ice hockey. As the two most popular winter sports in the United States, athletes everywhere are either running up and down the court, or skating around the rink regularly every winter. These two sports demand a lot out of an athlete’s legs. While basketball involves a lot of sprinting, jumping and agility, ice hockey—on the other hand—requires a lot of explosive, lower body movements. If you play one of these sports, never take your leg strength for granted; it means everything in terms of your performance. That said, buy compression shorts for basketball or hockey from SWEAT IT OUT® to ensure your legs stay strong throughout every game.

4. Bulking season. Anyone who loves working out can probably attest to the fact that the winter is typically when most athletes try to put on additional muscle mass. The goal is to bulk up now and then—once spring is within sight—they’ll cut weight and start toning their muscles for a leaner, more “chiseled” appearance. However, in order to pack on more muscle, athletes must increase their caloric intake—and especially perform less repetitions while doing more sets with heavier weight. So if you’re trying to bulk up this winter, improve your performance in the weight room and limit your risk of injury by wearing the best compression shorts on the market today.

Ready to become a better athlete by supplementing your game with the right gear? Don’t wait any longer! Buy compression shorts from SWEAT IT OUT®. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

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