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About Compression Shirts

About Compression Shirts

About Compression Shirts

30% LYCRA® fiber = Maximum Compression

LYCRA® fiber is the part of the fabric which
makes it stretch. The percentage of LYCRA® fiber
determines the compression level of the shirts.




LYCRA® fiber A five-year study at Penn State shows that wearing LYCRA® fiber garments can have a significant impact on performance. Men and women tested the effects on performance of high-stretch, high-power garments, make to exact specifications established by INVISTA. The results were conclusive: Men and women wearing LYCRA® fiber garments improve their total force and power production by an average of 12 percent. These shirts will let you work your hardest without that wet, sweaty feeling – not in the humid, heat of summer, or in the cold, harsh cold of winter.

LYCRA® fiber garments are designed to reduce muscle vibration, a major cause of muscle fatigue, improve the feedback between your body and your brain, increasing accuracy and efficiency of movement, and provide superior comfort and fit. LYCRA® fiber garments reduce muscle vibration.

CoolMax / LycraTechnologically, the combination of COOLMAX® fiber and LYCRA® fiber is the most advanced fabric, which, in scientific testing, is proven to support muscles enough to keep them from vibrating to the point of fatigue WHILE keeping the body core temperature at 98.6°.