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Improve Your Performance

Why our products will improve your performance

COOLMAX® fiber

INVISTA COOLMAX® fiber is a high-performance fabric that can help the athletic performance of the people who wear it. Using INVISTA's proprietary Dacron® fibers, COOLMAX® fiber moves sweat away from the body to the outer layer of the fabric, where it dries faster than any other fabric. (In moisture management tests, garments made with CoolMax® fiber dried almost completely in 30 minutes. Cotton, by comparison, remained wet by nearly 50%.

What COOLMAX® fiber Means To You.
Sweat saps your strength. Better evaporation means you spend less energy to cool your body, which increases your performance and endurance. And because COOLMAX® fiber has better breathability, nothing's more comfortable to wear.

LYCRA® fiber

It might sound incredible to suggest that, merely by wearing a LYCRA® fiber garment certified by INVISTA, athletes can improve their performance by 10 to 20%. But preliminary findings from five years of scientific study at the Penn State Center for Sports Medicine shows it to be true. And LYCRA® fiber garments provide improvement across any sport, for both males and females, regardless of the skill level.

Imagine athletes having more endurance, greater power, and enhanced speed - able to perform at their peak longer, with improved responsiveness and more precise movement. LYCRA® fiber garments fight fatigue, a crucial factor whether the sport is endurance or power dominant. A tired athlete is more prone to physical and mental errors. Fatigue causes a reduced efficiency in the nerve-firing ability to control the muscle. And athletes suffering from exhaustion are more likely to lose motivation and the competitive edge that helps them attain their best.

How LYCRA® fiberApparel Works

Made with a unique combination of high stretch and high compression, LYCRA® fiber garments enhance the body's ability to work. High compression reduces muscle vibration, a major cause of muscle fatigue.

The high stretch, form-fitting design of the garment improves the feedback that receptors in your skin, muscles, and joints send to your brain. This “skin” stretches and recovers with every movement, unlike other materials that compress without the same stretch and recovering capacity.

All this improves proprioception (the body's ability to sense changes in position and the physical tension in muscles), a key determinant in performance and preventing potential injury.

Get the Competitive Edge

In sport, where the search for even the smallest advantage is a never-ending quest, any improvement can make huge differences in competitive results. Small gains are always significant, but they are especially so at the highest level of competition where quantum leap improvements are rare.

The garments meet the standards developed by INVISTA, based on the research program, and in order to qualify for LYCRA® fiber identification, both the fabric and the garment must be certified by the technical team at INVISTA. LYCRA® fiber garments are certified by INVISTA to have exact levels of stretch and compression to maximize performance and also ensure superior comfort and fit.

Performance Tights, Performance Shorts, Sports Bras and Compression Shirts all certified for the INVISTA LYCRA® fiber program are manufactured by SWEAT IT OUT®