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Improved Posture Compression Shirts and Football, Baseball & Basketball Compression Sleeves

Improved Posture Compression Shirts and Football, Baseball & Basketball Compression Sleeves

Football, Baseball & Basketball Sleeves

Football Sleeves

Baseball Sleeves

Basketball Sleeves

Posture Shirts

Improved Posture Shirts

SWEAT IT OUT® Performance Compression Garments

* The unique fiber utilized in these garments    provides these key benefits:

* Our Improved Posture Compression Shirt is designed to correct posture and help straighten the    shoulder girdle to decrease back, neck and shoulder pain and strain.

* This shirt also helps to improve oxygen intake and helps maintain stamina and energy for accurate movement for a    longer period of time before fatigue sets in.

* Our Improved Posture Compression Shirt, is also used for rehabilitating shoulder injuries.

* SWEAT IT OUT® garments offer true compression for the body, stretching 360 degrees, so the garment can even stretch MORE than the body does, so no movement is inhibited. Buy compression sleeves for great recovery of all muscle groups. This encompasses vertical and horizontal stretching---every direction possible.

* Remember that SWEAT IT OUT® stretches vertically and horizontally which gives the body quick recovery time.

* Expect high compression when you buy our compression sleeves, not the soft, silky feeling many people are used to wearing. We are not about fashion statements, we are about helping you keep your body healthy.

* It will take a day to get used to it, but you will be able to MOVE FREELY while being supported, and it will help you feel   great!

* Easy Garment Care: No Bleach, machine wash cold, tumble dry warm, do not iron

* For added value and prevention of forearm and elbow muscle injuries, we recommend you buy Basketball Sleeves, Football Sleeves, and Baseball Sleeves.

Buy basketball sleeves and compression sleeves today for the support your injured areas need.

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