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Thigh Groin & Hip Capri With Knee Support

Thigh Groin & Hip Capri With Knee Support

Knee Support Capri also Provides Thigh Groin and Hip Support

Performance Compression Thigh, Groin, & Hip Support

(Note: Black Stitching in photographs are for illustration purposes only.)

    * Knees are the largest and most complex joints in the body! Protect it.
    * Double Ply construction around the groin, hip and thigh with an additional extension over and around the knee to    provide maximum support and stability for the knee.
    * Provide excellent support for the hamstring muscles to protect the flexors of the knee, to stabilize the knee when in    motion.
    * Maximum warmth to quads, hamstrings to promote shorter, quicker recovery time for thigh muscles.
    * Helps suppress lactic acid buildup, reducing cramps and pulls.
    * Enhance cardio efficiency, reduce muscle vibrations and fatigue while providing excellent recovery.
    * Knee protection stays in place---will not ride up or slide down as many compression sleeves available do.
    * 210% stretch makes this product a great fit for men & women. It has powerful support in all directions without    restricting movement.
    * All the benefits of our Thigh, Groin Hip Support Short with the added benefit of stabilization of the Knee.

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