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Runner's World Magazine
(November 1996, Buyers Guide article:
"In Search of the Perfect Sports Bra"
Fabric: This Sports Bra has the perfect combination of CoolMax® and Lycra® spandex for excellent breathability and support
Evaluation: This is the lightest and most breathable of the sports bras we reviewed. It's also the only one we tested that comes in actual bra sizes. The straps can become uncomfortable if the bra doesn't fit properly, but that shouldn't be a problem–the Lontex Corporation will fit you over the phone.
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Testimonial of the Lontex SWEAT IT OUT ® sports bra

When I was training for my first New York City Marathon in 1999 I encountered a very painful problem with long distance running. The elastic band of my sports bra was cutting into the skin below my chest. I had test-driven many brands but I was forced to choose between support versus comfort. If the bra "held me up' (36 C by the way) it would cut into me and leave my skin raw, pink, and burning even when I used plenty of Vaseline. Other bras that didn’t cause abrasion offered little if any support. One more very important thing to consider: a bra that is okay on you for five miles is not necessarily going to be problem-free for longer distances.

I am a fitness instructor for the NYPD in New York City and I finally asked the best female runner in the department (who has a 3:03 personal record for the NYC Marathon) which sports bra she recommended. She told me about the Lontex SWEAT IT OUT® bra. I haven’t found a better bra that is designed so well that the chafing problem is eliminated. The thick, well made elastic border will not dig into your skin and trust me, this is a rare find! This feature Is not a luxury but an absolute necessity! I don’t care how hard you trained or how well you prepared in every way for your race—the bottom line is that you can experience severely painful abrasions and you will never enjoy your runs if you are in the wrong bra! Avoid learning the hard way!

What other reasons do I love this bra and highly recommend it? The CoolMax® material is the only way to go. For those who are not familiar, this high tech material wicks the moisture away from your skin to keep you as dry and comfortable as possible. Without this, you’ll have to tolerate that nasty “suction cup” feeling on your skin. Furthermore, I find the beck of the bra extremely non-constricting as opposed to other bra styles such the “racer back” which feels like backpack straps over your shoulders and makes trapezius muscles feel tense.

The bra does have more of a lingerie appearance than a typical spoils bra but get over it! Those of us who train seriously opt for function over fashion! By the way, don’t forget to "break in” the bra. Despite the fact that the bra is new, throw it in the wash (delicate) with fabric softener to “wear in” the material. Also, as with any other running apparel, wear it for shorter runs before breaking it in on a long run.

This letter is my advice to all female runners out of the goodness of my heart to share a great recommendation. There is no reason in the world why you should suffer from the all too common problem of chafing and abrasions from sports bras. I hope you enjoy this bra as much as I do and you will of course enjoy running (or other sports) more when you own such well made apparel.

Barrie L. Lifton

NYPD Fitness Instructor
Master of Arts/ Exercise Physiology
Finisher: 1999 (and soon 2000} NYC Marathon
Educated Consumer
Caring Human Being

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